intelligentpos uses the best in cloud hosting and load balancing to ensure that your POS system can access, upload and transfer the data it needs without delay.

Your database and company data is held in the cloud on a master sever and 5 replica severs. This means that at any one time there are multiple copies of your sales data and products in different locations. Should one server fail it will be replaced and automatically synchronise with the other servers. The advantage of storing your data in the elastic cloud is that at busy times it can scale up and harness the power of multiple servers to keep all accounts running smoothly.

Should your internet connection fail, intelligentpos will continue to operate on your local wifi network as normal, including receipt and kitchen printing provided that your router supports this.

The data centres that your financial information is stored in are managed by Amazon web services, conforming to the best security practices the physical locations of the data centres are a closely guarded secret. PCI DSS Level 1 compliance and many more security standards are adhered to, for more information please visit