No, intelligentpos will continue to work as a normal POS system even if the iPad is unable to connect to the internet.

We would, however, recommend that customers are connected to the internet to allow full functionality of our software, it is also essential to connect the iPad to the internet and sync sales data once every 30 days. As with any EPOS system, Credit card payments will not authorise unless you have an active internet connection.

Due to the way our native iPad POS app works, it stores data locally on each physical device. When the internet connection is restored intelligentpos automatically connects to the cloud based server and synchronises. This means that in the event of your internet connection dropping out, the app will continue to function.
Please be advised, however, that an internet connection is required to synchronise your data with that of the Back Office Portal. If your intelligentpos software has not connected to the internet or been able to synchronise fully, then sales and transaction information will not be accessible online.

Some features, like customer loyalty, will not continue to work during an internet outage, all of these transactions must be authorised over the internet.

One handy tip to bear in mind is that either a 3G enabled iPad, a router with 3G failover or a hotspot created by an iPhone with 3G can allow you to continue processing payments.

We recommend that your network uses a modem/router and access points as recommended by intelligentpos staff. If you are in any doubt about which hardware to choose then please contact our support team for advice.