Two men walk into a bar and…

intelligentpos was born out of a friendship forged at night. Robin Knox and Paul Walton met while working in a Scottish nightclub in 2009, the former as a manager and the latter in the IT department.

Soon after, Robin moved on and set up two businesses (an indoor paintball operation and, later on, a vape shop), he realised the lack of affordable EPOS options in the UK and that there was no alternative to the expensive and complex legacy EPOS systems. Robin knew that he required an EPOS system to give him true insight into each business, but he also didn’t have the funds available to purchase a system costing thousands of pounds. How could he overcome this?

Very simple answer: Robin phoned Paul.


The beginning

In 2011 Robin and Paul moved in together and used their shared kitchen as a base for operations. They’d learnt what their customers are looking for in an electronic point of sale (EPOS) system in the busy scenario of the nightclub, where seven drinks were ordered at once whilst music was played very loudly. Hospitality business owners and managers need to be liberated from the aforementioned burden of set-up costs, speed up the transactions and even make their administrative processes more fun.

Instantly, intelligentpos put its mark on the market. Not only did it match the functionality of a traditional EPOS system, but it could also offer it at a fraction of the cost. Robin and Paul’s iPad POS app rapidly attracted interest from the tech, retail and hospitality industries. This helped Intelligent Point of Sale come into being: significant funding from Scottish Enterprise and 24 Haymarket followed, which boosted the company and stimulated its growth.


intelligentpos now

At this point Robin and Paul knew that, if they actually wanted to grow, they needed to move out of their kitchen.

In 2012 intelligentpos took occupation of its first offices in Leith, Edinburgh, moving to much bigger premises in the same area in 2015, the current location. Since those early times of pizza boxes, business plans and endless hours of coding around their kitchen table, Robin and Paul have pulled together an experienced management team, a group of over 20 developers and the company’s workforce is now over 60. The company currently operates from the UK, with customers in more than twenty countries using the English version. The German translation of the app will debut in 2016, whilst the team analyse and study other new markets.

In September 2016 it was announced that mobile payments Swedish company iZettle had acquired intelligentpos. The merger was a natural step in the evolution of both companies as it provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ for commerce in store and on the go. Together iZettle and intelligentpos allow small businesses to take card payments and use hundreds of different features to make the management and the growth of their customers’ companies much easier.

Robin and Paul believed they could create the next generation of EPOS and believe in taking their business worldwide and pushing the boundaries of what people think EPOS is capable of. They’re two entrepreneurs, a pair of dreamers. You have to be one if you envisage your future from the kitchen of a shared flat - and where’s the limit of a dream?