The Beta Programme is an opportunity for a select pool of customers to join a cutting edge test version of our app, where they will pro-actively help develop, test and deploy new, exciting features.

We need to ensure we cover all business types and spaces are limited: application to the programme does not mean automatic inclusion. Applicants will be subject to approval and notified accordingly.

To qualify for and remain part of the Beta Programme a customer must agree with the following:

  • Commit to provide feedback for a full Beta testing round, usually lasting 3 months
  • Update to latest TestFlight build as and when it is released (we will send you a notification each time)
  • Respond to our Beta feature-specific questionnaire or more general survey within the day.
  • Participate in one face to face or Skype interview.

The Beta Programme is critical to introducing, testing, and deploying important enhancements and your contribution is vital to improving our app.

Therefore, to make sure we continue to develop features that address our customers’ needs and keep intelligentpos ahead of the curve, we need all Beta Programme participants to be active and responsive: failure to comply with the above may unfortunately result in memberships being revoked.

If you want to apply for the Beta Programme, please email our Support Team including your Name and Username, and a member of our team will reach out to you to discuss your application.

What do I get in return?

  • Access to our latest in-app and back office features
  • 25% discount on your subscription for the duration of each Beta testing round
  • Opportunity to be an early adopter / tester of hardware integrations
  • Web & social media promotion in exchange for your contribution to the evolution of our app

How do I opt-out?

Contact our Support team (please allow 1-2 business days for this process).

What are the risks?

In extremely rare cases, participation in the Beta Programme may result in system crashes: should this ever happen, please contact our Support team.