All I Want For Christmas Is a Little Help

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 - 16:16
All I Want For Christmas Is a Little Help

Christmas is (almost) here. If you run a pub or a restaurant, this is an important period in which you need to deliver a spotless service to a much larger number of customers, all of them having fun. Hotels, restaurants and pub led the rise in consumer spending growth in the UK in December 2015 according to Visa’s Consumer Spending Index

“Come taste the wine / Come hear the band / Come blow that horn / Start celebrating / Right this way your table's waiting,” sang Liza Minelly in Cabaret. How can you cope with everything in the middle of the celebration? A little extra help is always welcome, and your intelligentpos EPOS system can be that extra hand you’re looking for.

If you use an intelligentpos system, you got this possibility. Are you aware that your system offers all these features?

1. Customise your products

Half or full portion? Small or large glass of wine? Complementary salad? Giving your clientele the option of choosing will make their visit more unforgettable.

Our EPOS system has said ‘goodbye’ to stained notes or incomprehensible handwriting. Modifiers can be assigned very easily just with a few clicks on an iPad, either to no-charge items like cooking instructions (rare, medium or well done?) or charged products such as extra chips.

2. intelligentpos Reports

You won’t need to wait until midnight to see your business’s performance! Our intelligentpos Reports offer live accurate reports in real-time. All this information is clearly displayed in different graphics that you can visualise at a quick glance.

3. Split Bill

Often, group of customers require separate bills – and, also often, it’s a big headache. However, this situation doesn’t need to happen anymore with our exclusive Split Bill feature.

Splitting bills with intelligentpos is error-free, quick, and very easy to do. There’s no need to stress about having to create new bills while voiding old ones. Creating separate ones is as easy as selecting specific items from a given table and saving them.

4. Table Ordering

Forget about dashing to the kitchen. Your staff only need an iPad, type the order on it and, voilà, the chef and their team will receive it immediately. Quicker service and shorter time on the table, which means that the table will be ready for another customer very soon, too.

5. Vouchers & Gift Cards

There are many more business possibilities than you can imagine. You have a beautiful place with lovely food, you’ve put your heart into it, let’s spread it! Christmas is not only that time when we forget about the gym and the diet, but also do we give presents away. Wouldn’t be your business that amazing gift?

If you have any question about our features or you’d like to know more details about these features – or any other! – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.