Do You Own a Restaurant or a Café? We’ll Make Your Life Easier.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 - 19:00
Do You Own a Restaurant or a Café? We’ll Make Your Life Easier.

Picture the scene: the weekend rush, you’re a person down and it’s the new girl’s trial shift. Crockery and cutlery pile up on tables like the last few desperate moments of a Tetris level and you have a family of four waiting to be seated, while other customers divide their gaze between your staff and the clock as though they were umpiring at Wimbledon. You’ve all been there. Managing a restaurant or café is a delicate balance of effective timing, training and teamwork: the three Ts, if you will. And when there’s a new variable thrown into the mix, that can upset said balance. That can upset said balance a lot.

So how can you guard against stressful shifts? Easy. By implementing an intelligentpos® EPOS till system, you counteract time-consuming activities, as servers can send orders directly on their tablet before even leaving the table. These then print in the bar and kitchen, leaving your staff free to serve the next customers rather than scurrying frantically between tables and tills. With the Star Micronics ‘Keep Alive’ feature and intelligentpos direct notification feedback system, you never lose a kitchen ticket.

Combined with iZettle®, with queue-busting technology Contactless + Apple Pay, the intelligentpos system maximises productivity and minimises any margin for error by sending the transaction details directly to the integrated chip and pin reader. Apart from its breadth and efficiency, the beauty of this system is simplicity. So the new girl’s on a trial, the place is heaving and you’re understaffed? No problem. The iPad technology is accessible, straightforward and quick to get to grips with: you can train her in minutes.

And what of that horrible moment when you’re inundated and the internet crashes? The standalone technology means you can carry on regardless in the mad rush; it’ll queue data to sync when it reconnects, so you won’t lose any revenue. Plus, there’s the added bonus that you don’t have to spend ages faffing about with the router or on-hold to your service provider when you need to be out on the floor doing what you do best: serving customers with a smile. And not a forced, ‘keep-grinning-and-it’ll-all-be-over’ smile; an ‘I’m-in-control-and-can-handle-this-pressure’, ‘thank-goodness-for-my-intelligentpos’ smile.

Promote your business and reward valued clients, or give the option of buying a gift card for friends and family, thereby boosting your exposure and sales even further. Tired of cancelled reservations? Want to pre-empt your customers’ patronage? Give the choice of paying a deposit by phone to secure bookings, which can then be reconciled quickly with the final payment. This will also guarantee the end of no-shows and loss of takings, and streamline your shifts even more, minimising surprise rushes.

You can access your daily reports through the iPad system, along with sales-by-category infographics. At the end of your long, shoulder-achingly hard day, all your sales data is in your back office system: easy to calculate, quick to analyse and formatted into clear visual reports. Manage your system remotely from our web portal, and view sales data from any smartphone.

Still not enough? Last, but nowhere near least, the intelligentpos solution is easy to self-install, comes with no hidden costs, is provided with free dedicated online support and free updates, and is highly affordable with low monthly payments. So, save your money for real dramas, like when the dishwasher floods.

Author: Katharine Coulton

Katharine Coulton