Manage All Your Restaurant Locations with intelligentpos

Friday, August 26, 2016 - 16:10
Manage All Your Restaurant Locations with intelligentpos

Are you thinking about the practicalities of expanding your restaurant empire? Or are you looking for a better way to manage your existing restaurants with a centralised solution? If so, this post is for you.

It’s a different challenge organising multiple restaurant locations after administering just a single site. If you’re ready to expand, it means that you’ve overcome all the initial challenges of building a restaurant business: including the menu, marketing activities, and building a loyal customer base.

Being in charge of multiple restaurants multiplies the challenges for the restaurateur; you’re spinning more plates. But multiple location management doesn’t have to be indigestible. A cloud-based point of sale system can provide information on each location’s individual performance, allowing for aggregate data and site comparison, which means that you can be in firm control over your business as a whole as well as each restaurant.

Why is this important? Because with your business’s critical information on one device, you can spot over- and underperformers, manage product listings, and, ultimately, ensure a consistent customer experience in each of your restaurants.

In this post, we’ll talk about the advantages of centralising your POS system.

Online Business Management - Manage Your Locations Remotely

With an EPOS system, you can manage multiple sites remotely from a single device. This means that you are able to keep an eye on things with constantly up-to-date information so you’re in control despite the frustrating inability to be everywhere at once.

For example, a cloud-based EPOS system means remote access and control of:

  • Product Management
  • User Management
  • Layout Management

As a business manager, this offers you the ability to update food and drink items - as well as add-ons and upgrades. It also ensures that your staff have access and the correct permissions to use the system, and even allows users to design the layout of the POS interface.

With all this management capability, don’t forget to delegate. It’s important to give your staff the flexibility to ensure a great experience for your customers. Don’t confuse the ability to manage the business with the ability to manage a dining experience.

Back Office Reporting - Discover Restaurant Performance

The collection of relevant and consistent data is the lifeblood of any successful business. You manage what you measure and, with an EPOS system operating at each of your sites, you can monitor the critical data points that give you invaluable insights into how your restaurants perform.

For example, a simple information dashboard at a glance can reveal your restaurant's:

  • slow movers - which dishes aren’t doing so well?
  • top performers - which dishes contribute most to your bottom line?
  • best sellers - which dishes your customers can’t get enough of?

This information ensures that you can update your menu to scrap underperforming dishes and introduce more items similar to what your customers are devouring with gusto.

Reward Loyalty Across Multiple Locations

If you have more sites, you’ll (eventually) have more customers. How can you make sure these diners keep coming back, or maybe even visit your other locations? One option is to implement a loyalty scheme. Loyalty schemes reward your best customers and give them another reason - beyond the excellent grub - to keep coming back for more.

Once you’ve deployed an EPOS system, it’s straightforward to set up and run a loyalty scheme. You can create loyalty cards at one location and see how often your best customers visit your other locations too. Perhaps a new location needs to run a promotional campaign to help establish its reputation in the community.

The ability to manage your loyalty programme centrally means that you can help your business as a wholeattract, delight and reward loyal diners, who can become the bedrock of your clientele and help deliver the growth you have worked so hard to achieve.

A Centralised EPOS System Keeps Things Simple - And Your Business Growing

When you use an EPOS system, managing multiple sites doesn’t have to be an organisational nightmare. Instead, you can get consistent data from each of your locations. This means that you can base your decisions on reliable data and ensure a consistent dining experience for your customers, however large your restaurant empire becomes.

The problems of expansion - inconsistent data, lack of a consistent customer experience, inability to centrally manage product lists - disappear when you implement the right EPOS system.

If you use an EPOS solution when you’re small, it can expand with you. So if you plan to grow, it makes sense to switch from a traditional and technologically-limited POS solution to one that is cloud-based, scalable, modular and open to integrations, which will really help build your business. If you already have multiple locations and want reliable data for effective business management anytime, anyplace, then you should know by now what you need to keep those plates spinning.