Running a pub? These Are Your Worst Halloween Nightmares

Monday, October 31, 2016 - 12:52
Running a pub? These Are Your Worst Halloween Nightmares

Zombies coming up from the ground to take you away with them, a vampire wanting to leave you bloodless, the spirit of an old Egyptian pharaoh reviving an old curse…When running a pub, Halloween is worlds away from being your worst nightmare – in fact just the opposite, with so many people out for the night, it is an excellent opportunity to increase your sales.

The terrors of a pub owner are radically different. In addition to the main fear – will I have enough customers? – we’ve put together some of the most common worries lurking in their minds. Because our aim is to help you run your business in the easiest way, each one of these problems comes with its pertinent solution:

Nightmare 1. I didn’t know I was running out of stock!

You own a well-established pub with regular clientele whose drink preferences you know pretty well. Great! However, you won’t be able to serve them their favourite refreshment unless you have good provisions in your store room.

Forget about suddenly dashing to your store room to count how many packets of peanuts you have left. Check out our ‘Stock Control’ feature to see how many bottles of Rioja or bags of cheese & onion crisps you still have. You can even check this remotely on your tablet, computer or mobile phone. 

Nightmare 2. A member of staff has called in sick while I’m spending my weekend in Paris.

Don’t panic! You still can sightsee from the top floor of the Eiffel Tower and visit the Louvre. Just log in to your intelligentpos Backoffice and access to your ‘Employee Timesheets’. There, you’ll be able to quickly rearrange the weekly rota; and after, relax and enjoy a glass of Bordeaux.

Nightmare 3. People don’t have beer before noon and coffee after midnight.
Tooooo simple a statement; however, you sell many more things than just beer and coffee. So the more accurate your figures are, the better your future sales will be.

Your business decisions cannot solely be based on conjectures and what you think sells best from the other side of the bar – because this may not be the same as your actual best-sellers. intelligentpos provides you easy-to-read analytics where you can quickly see your most popular products, when you sell them and your peaks and troughs. Once you have this information, you’ll be able to make much wiser and more accurate business decisions.

Nightmare 4. The internet is down – what will happen to my sales?

A problem with the provider, an unstable network connection, you have run out of mobile data… who hasn’t been there?! This is likely one of your biggest fears. Our lives and businesses rely on our internet connection – and even more so if you’re using an EPOS system to manage all your sales.

However, this doesn’t mean you need to rule out the idea of having an EPOS system. intelligentpos works even when you don’t have Wi-Fi or 3G. All transactions made without an internet connection are stored locally and, once you’re back online, they’ll be processed and you’ll realise that your Halloween nightmare was only a bad dream after all.

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