How intelligentpos Can Help Your Clothes Shop

Friday, August 26, 2016 - 16:04
How intelligentpos Can Help Your Clothes Shop

So, you’ve got yourself a clothes shop. Nice one. Big props.

I guess you've picked out all the labels you’re going to sell, the accessories that will bring out the best of this curated product line, and you’ve decided on your shop’s own particular style.

You’ve also selected how you’re going to take payments. You’ve thought about that, right? You aren’t searching around at the last minute for the best options?

Of course you aren’t.

Obviously, you understand that your point of sales solution is a crucial part of a modern retail business. And that it can do far more than just ring up sales.

How much more?

I’m glad you asked. The best point of sales system acts as your business’s nerve centre, where sales information is gathered and processed, it’s not just where payments are tendered.

How does this help your store? Here’s how.

1) Stock Management - What Stuff is In-Store Right Now?

Tracking inventory is a pain. It takes time and is labour intensive. Please don’t do it manually.

An electronic point of sales (EPOS) system automatically assists you with stock management.

With an EPOS system, you don’t have to abandon your customers and go to the back-of-store rummaging around in brown boxes to see what’s there. You also don’t have to sit down at the end of each day and carefully track what was sold to work out what’s left in the stockroom.

Going electronic means that you can input the variants of each clothes item you sell, for example by style, colour, or size. This means you have an always-accurate view of your stock; you just have to glance at your screen.

What else can EPOS do for your clothes shop?

2) Sales Prompting - Help Staff Recommend Useful, Relevant Products

POS technology can prompt your staff to upsell and cross-sell.

This means that if you’ve picked out some delightful items that look great together, then you can easily programme your till to suggest these linked items during the checkout process.

That’s an easy win for your business and your customers. You share your talent for picking out fantastic products, your staff can pass on that knowledge at the till.

Your style expertise can be uploaded into your POS system and can easily be updated as trends shift and new products come into stock.

This way, your customers gain the benefit of your expertise even if you can’t serve each of them individually.

3) Loyalty Schemes - Find Out About Your Very Best Customers

Every small business should acknowledge their best customers, and an EPOS system can administer a loyalty scheme which does just that. You can track individual customer spending and offer rewards and vouchers directly from the system.

Understanding which products your best customers like is really useful information. You can learn which products your repeat customers tend to buy, and which products single-purchase customers tend to buy. You’re able to make some informed marketing and stock purchasing decisions based on that information.

An EPOS system makes gathering this detailed information really easy. The only way to approach growth systematically is to track your data, so make sure you’re gathering the information that will allow your business to succeed.

4) Easy Growth – Small Steps, Big Vision.

Once your store is open, building a customer base, and sales are rising, you’ll want an EPOS system that’s easily expandable and can grow with you.

Start small - with just a terminal, card reader, and receipt printer - and then add components and additional terminals as your business expands. The modular nature of EPOS systems makes it possible to start with a basic set-up that’s just right for your clothes shop, but ready to incorporate new features as needed.

Getting larger brings new challenges, and you don’t want overhauling your POS system to be one of them. EPOS systems can add components, get new software integrations, and connect new sales points without fuss.

EPOS Technology and Clothes Retail - A Stylish Combination

Clothes shop owners, in particular, find that EPOS technology aids the running of their businesses. And it isn’t difficult to get started. In fact, “it’s easy, incredibly easy!”, says Lynn Gatherer whose clothes shop and cafe, Greenshoots, is based in Edinburgh.

With an electronic point of sales setup, you can expect:

  • Better stock management - vital for clothes shops
  • Sharing your expertise - cross-sell related products or accessories
  • Easily administer loyalty programmes for your best customers
  • Ready to grow with you - more styles, sizes, and customers aren’t a problem

Running a store without EPOS is like operating in the dark. Get real-time inventory status, track all your sales, and access auto-generated management reports. With this information, you can run your clothes shop strategically by reacting quickly to your customers’ behaviour.

EPOS does the data-intensive and repetitive work that no one likes to do. Once your shop is data-enhanced, you’ll just need to take care of your customers and help them look great!

Nick Blackbourn