Preparing For Boxing Day Sales

Tuesday, December 20, 2016 - 14:24
Preparing For Boxing Day Sales

Boxing Day is the UK's single biggest shopping day of the year, with more than £3 billion spent by bargain-hunting consumers in the UK last year alone. While it can be a manic time, with good preparation and a plan of action, you can make sure your business makes the most of December 26.

Think about your discounts

Customers expect REALLY good deals on Boxing Day, so a measly 10 per cent or 20 per cent off your products most often won't cut it. With some retailers offering 50 to 75 per cent reductions, you need to make sure you are giving consumers attractive reductions to get them through your door and opening their wallets. Do the maths and come up with reductions that will bring you profit and will encourage custom.

Prepare your stock

Boxing Day is a great time to sell off overstocked items, last season's products or things that haven't proved as popular as others over the last six months. Now is the time to check over all these types of stock, sort them and store them in preparation. In the hustle and bustle of the sales, customers need to be able to see and identify bargains and prices quickly. Have all the excess stock stored and prepared with ticket prices or discount labels clearly marked. There's nothing worse than a sales assistant having to run around trying to find the discounted price on an item that's missing a tag.

Organise your returns policy

The sales don't stop after December 26. Most stores continue offering sales past January 1, so many people will return to the shops several times in the days following Boxing Day to see what else they can snap up. For this reason, you'll want to establish a clear returns policy that doesn't clog up lines of purchasing customers. Many shops state returns can only be made seven days after purchase, which tends to work as the shopping crowds start dwindling.

How to manage the rush

Putting more staff on the rota is a must, but beyond that, you're going to want to think about how to best manage your store so customers are served quickly and efficiently. Clear signs that point to discounted items and to where customers should queue to pay will help manage the crowds. It's a good idea to divide labour, so have staff dedicated to working on the till while others can be allocated to the floor, tidying up or answering queries. This will make things run more smoothly.

Customers during Boxing Day sales tend to make a bit of a mess and make things difficult for other shoppers. Having a person dedicated to sorting out stock on the floor and making things look presentable and neat will help sales and encourage new customers. Make sure all your staff are fully briefed on the discounts you are offering, on your returns policy and any other queries customers might have.

Get ready early

To enjoy your own Christmas, having everything set up after you close on the last day before Christmas is the best option. Rostering extra staff to help outside hours to prepare all your Boxing Day sales items, tickets and displays mean all you'll have to do on Boxing Day is open the doors. Paying attention to details like having a surplus of shopping bags, your EPOS system ready, staff prepped and shelves stocked will help you make the most of Boxing Day and reap the rewards.