Brand Matters

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 - 19:00
Brand Matters

I once read that your brand should make you feel good about your company. Having just been through the process of revamping our brand image, I can honestly say that when I see it displayed on my computer screen I’m genuinely proud of what we have achieved and all that it stands for.

Our new brand is underpinned by the line ‘we believe in possible’ and as Intelligent Point of Sale was plotted and shaped from my kitchen table with co-founder Paul Walton, this was exactly how we felt then and how we still feel today.

While on one level Intelligent Point of Sale is a provider of electronic point of sale systems, on another we about empowering young businesses by giving them big business tools – the reporting systems for real insight, effective business management and the means to engage constructively with customers – at a fraction of the cost of conventional solutions. This was everything we wanted when we decided to set up in business.

Robin Knox (left) & Paul Walton (right).


After three years – one year to develop the product, two years trading – we are about to embark on a new chapter and the brand relaunch is our stepping stone to expansion. The new brand is the springboard to take our cutting-edge app, intelligentpos®, global and with a new website we have a complete online presence designed to make new customer acquisition and sign-up an easy, professional and engaging experience no matter the location.

We want to ensure that on-boarding with intelligentpos is totally frictionless and that every touch-point with our company is a memorable experience which will surprise and delight our customers, and convert them into fans, advocates, and promoters. This starts with our website, which is the first point of contact with our brand, and our online operation.

Therefore, before launching the new brand, we invested heavily in improvements across the business from sales and admin support through to development and marketing. We are ambitious and we are now ready to scale up without fear of experiencing any loss of service that an influx of customers might have once caused.  

In setting up our own business, Paul and I were following our dreams. Creating a brand that reflects that sense of excitement, innovation and optimism goes to the core of our approach to our business and our client relationships.

Robin Knox