Star Micronics’ New Wireless Printer Cuts the Cord

Monday, May 16, 2016 - 19:00
 Star Micronics’ New Wireless Printer Cuts the Cord

A printer probably doesn’t strike you as a particularly glamorous component as you plan the growth of your business empire, but it’s a vital part of an integrated POS system. And your POS system is an important consideration. How you sell is a vital touch point with your customers, and a quick, seamless interaction means a more memorable overall experience with your business.

The printer that powers your EPOS system might not propel you into the FTSE 100, but a quality device will provide you with the flexibility and mobility that can give your store or restaurant an edge. And that matters. If, as your customers would like, you want your sales process to be digital, mobile, and, above all, effortless, you need to think about which printer is best for your needs. You might simply want the convenience of a compact, wireless printer. Or maybe you’re committed to creating a minimalist feel with your store design, a space uncluttered with cables and wiring. In that case, a wireless printer such as the entry-level Star Micronics TSP143III WLAN is more of a necessity than an optional component.

How does the TSP143III WLAN wireless printer work? The best wireless printer options have a simple ‘push to connect’ function that will pair your POS device and printer instantly. Once the TSP143III WLAN printer has been set up on your wireless network, print a test document, and you’re done. This makes it easy for your staff to use. Once you’ve set-it, you can forget-it; staff don’t have to be techno whizz-kids to use an EPOS-printer combination. Less time waiting during the sales process means less frustration for your customers and a better overall experience with your business.

This ‘wireless’ aspect of a TSP143III WLAN printer isn’t a gimmick. It gives you the flexibility to move your POS system around your retail space. Not having to rely on network cabling to connect your devices gives you complete freedom of design; you create your ideal retail space. Want to move your sales terminals away from the back wall? Now you can. A good printer can make life much easier not only by reducing the number and size of the devices you need on the sales counter but also allowing you to place them anywhere that you’d like. And, for your restaurant or bar don’t forget the TSP143III WLAN has the option of a splash proof cover to ensure full functionality at all times.

On the subject of power, the TSP143III WLAN benefits from an internal power supply and look out for the printer’s feature that can save your mobile POS system in an emergency: an integrated USB-charger port. This can give your mobile sales device - smartphone or iPad - that extra charge just when you need it. No power means no sales.

Your printing device is unlikely to be the first thing you think of when deciding on which components you’ll need for your EPOS system. But choosing a good one like the TSP143III WLAN can make your business more mobile and more flexible. Don’t discount what the functionality of a good printer can accomplish for your business. A wireless printer means you don’t need pass-through technology. You need just one component to print receipts, the TSP143III WLAN, which means less clutter. It also means that you can plan your retail space to your exact specifications. A printer, in short, is a component worthy of careful consideration if you want a fully integrated EPOS system that gives you the freedom and flexibility to do things your way.

As Andrew Calzetti, CMO at Intelligent Point of Sale, testifies “there was great excitement across the entire company when Star Micronics announced the TSP143III WLAN because it was exactly what our customers had been asking for, and aligns perfectly with the evolution of what a wireless and truly mobile intelligentpos® EPOS solution is all about. intelligentpos is designed from the ground-up for functionality, mobility and flexibility, aligned with our promise to create an ergonomic and cost-effective solution that helps businesses save time and be more profitable, and this Star Micronics printer is just what we needed.”

Nick Blackbourn