Why Cognitive Commerce is Key for Your Business
February 15, 2017 Tips Comments
Breaking up the terms, the adjective “cognitive” relates to cognition –the process of acquiring knowledge. When you apply this to the world of...
On the Way to a Cashless Society
February 9, 2017 Tips Comments
The idea of a cashless society isn’t a utopia anymore, or a fantasy for Star Trek fans who dream of a completely different planet. In Sweden, not...
Consumer Loyalty Gift Cards – The Future of Consumer Banking
January 24, 2017 Tips Comments
The future is now. The first businesses to catch on to profitable trends and focus on their relationship with their customers will benefit for years...
intelligentpos Sales Team: A Different Way of Selling
January 13, 2017 Tips Comments
Everybody who works in a Sales department knows how challenging this role is. I’ve had a very varied sales career and, as anyone else in this job, I...
New Year’s Resolutions for Hospitality and Retail Businesses
January 3, 2017 Tips Comments
It’s that time of year again when resolutions are set and (more often than not) broken. In business, much like in personal life, it is important to...
The Challenge of Finding Great Staff
November 16, 2016 Tips Comments
Searching for the best employees may be an overwhelming task. Advertising the position, receiving CVs, selecting the best candidates, arranging an...
Do You Need to Promote Your Business? Put a Bit of Money in Online Adverts
November 14, 2016 Tips Comments
The simplest rule of advertising is to follow the customer. For some businesses, this has meant advertising in industry magazines and newspapers used...
Separating Necessary From Nonsense – What Business Records Do I Need to Keep and For How Long?
October 28, 2016 Tips Comments
Your record keeping “strategy” probably goes one of two ways – either you’re keeping too much, or too little. An odd but useful tip is to start at...
How to Prepare Yourself For an Unpleasant Conversation With Your Staff 2: 5 (More) Tips
October 26, 2016 Tips Comments
When you have your first offspring nobody tells you the extent of the sleepless nights beforehand. Likewise, not many people like to talk about the...

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