5 Tips for Launching Your Business

Monday, December 21, 2015 - 19:00
5 Tips for Launching Your Business

1. Advertise your opening as soon as possible.

Put up a banner, write backwards in the windolene, throw out an A-board and wrap your car (just kidding, although I really did do this!). It’s important to advertise for as long as possible on the run-up to your business opening. Outdoor advertising is still considered by many as the ‘original and best’ and the buzz that something new is coming will instantly start spreading by word of mouth.

2. Build an online presence.

Once you have a professionally designed logo (check out fiverr if you are on a budget) and social media background artwork you should waste no time in setting up a facebook page for your business. You can set up advertising for your page from just a few pounds per day and target by location, gender, age and much more to hone in on your potential customers. Next you should get a basic website built to showcase your business, how to get in touch, opening times and what you sell. Finally, go for a personal approach, blog on your facebook and twitter accounts and post pics on your Instagram showing progress of your fit out and set up to get people interested and help them feel connected with your business. Keep the updates regular no matter how silly you might think they are. Make sure that all of your business details (website address, email address, telephone number and opening times) are correct and up to date on facebook, google, yelp and tripadvisor. Not only will this help with SEO, it will give your prospective customers confidence that you are open and a clear way to contact you.

3. Consider engaging a good local PR firm.

You don’t need to spend the earth in order to launch your business with proper media coverage. The stories a PR firm will push to their contacts in local news and relevant trade journals will appear in editorial - so much more powerful than paying for an advert in a magazine or newspaper. Multiply your reach by tweeting your press release at local news and ‘what’s on’ profiles, hopefully they will re-tweet to their larger follower bases.

4. Hold a launch party

A great way to showcase your business and have a practise ‘dry-run’ where you can entice potential customers in to ‘try before you buy’.

5. Consider direct mail or leaflet drops

If your business is likely to serve a small radius, direct mail can be a brilliant way to advertise your existence. Canvassing a whole city can be expensive but if you are a café that only serves customers and businesses within a 5-minute walk then this could prove to be a particularly cost effective way to connect with your potential customers.

A note on the author

This article was written by Robin Knox, CEO & Co-Founder of intelligentpos®: producer of small business iPad EPOS software. Robin worked as a manager in retail and hospitality before starting up several small businesses. Today his mission is to provide small business owners with a powerful, affordable EPOS solution to help them run their businesses more profitably.


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