5 Tips Before Opening Your Own Clothes Shop

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 - 14:22
5 Tips Before Opening Your Own Clothes Shop

Let’s face it: the best business planner cannot do anything when you don’t have clear ideas. If you want to invest money, rough out your plan. Opening an apparel store is serious business, more than ever in the era of social media and global market. You’re going to fight with a superfast and highly competitive market and approach customers who believe to know about fashion more than you.

It’s important to learn how to deal with these potential problems in advance. Working through this checklist will help you to organise your ideas and figure out which are the weak links in your strategy.

1) From the bottom: start to build a house from the foundation. Work as a sales consultant and study as much as you can: the product, the company, competitors... Be a sponge! Master every trick you can learn from your colleagues: the visual merchandiser, the team manager, buyers; but above all, build up a strong relationship with your customers. Make them loyal to you. 

2) Take at least a short Social Media Marketing course. It’ll teach you how to create a social media strategy and give you the tools you need to build a network. Even if you don’t want to use them and go against the grain, it’s vital you understand the impact they may have on your daily business and how they could affect your success.

3) Set the date: you can’t be engaged for the rest of your life, at a certain point you have to “get married”. If you really want to open a business and your commitment is real, set a cut-off date. A process schedule is pivotal; it helps you to stay focus on your project and to manage all the practical aspects that you need to work out.

4) Why is your project special? Why are you different to all the other people who want to open a clothes shop? If you aren’t lucky enough to have all the money you need to open your business, you’ll have to make a deal with an investor or ask for a loan. If this is the situation, keep in mind that nowadays people can find everything online. So why do they have to choose you? This answer plus the next tip will help you to build a successful business plan and minimise risks.

5) Location, location, location: find the perfect place to open your store is like finding the perfect flat in London. It can take ages. Find the area it’s just not about to find a real tangible solid place, it’s about to determine which kind of boutique you’ll run, how many people will work inside and the projects you can develop in that space.

And, once you’ve opened your shop, intelligentpos can help you run it. Would you like to know how? Read this other post in which we explain what we can do for you.  


Pictures taken at Superdry, in Boxpark.

Giacomo Balduzzi