Considering a Job in Edinburgh? 5 Reasons to Convince You

Friday, September 9, 2016 - 10:29
Considering a Job in Edinburgh? 5 Reasons to Convince You

Considering a job in Edinburgh? 5 reasons to convince you

You got the skills and we got the job. Problem solved? Unfortunately, the formula doesn’t work as easily as this. intelligentpos is always looking for the greatest talent, but we also want you to be happy. The more satisfied you are in your personal life, the merrier you’ll be at work.

If you’re that best of the best but you don’t live in Edinburgh, this article is for you. Why should you move to Scotland? Why should you change your home country for the UK? Why? Why? Why? Here are five reasons to embark yourself in this adventure:

1. Edinburgh is the best big British city to live in.

It’s not a made up opinion, but an objective fact. Edinburgh was considered the best place to live in the UK by USwitch in November 2015. Not only does it have the lowest reported crime rate in the entire UK, it boasts cheap energy bills, an average salary of £29,558, a disposable income average of £20,083 and super-fast broadband speeds of 30Mbs.

2. The quality of a city but the size of a big town.

Edinburgh isn’t a big city but it has countless benefits. Many of your best pals or your favourite restaurants and pubs will be within walking distance or a fifteen-minute bus journey. But your life won’t be reduced to friends and drinks. When living here, monotony doesn’t exist. On top of its great range of pubs, clubs and restaurants, Edinburgh offers exhibitions, theatre, concerts, blockbuster films, the strangest world cinema, book talks… If this isn’t enough for you, have you heard about Edinburgh in August?

3. The most important theatre festival in the world.

August in Edinburgh is like being transported into a different galaxy. The city gets invaded by countless shows: international comedians, local dancers, new playwrights, classic Shakespeare, plays, concerts, circus etc. And if you like books, Edinburgh International Book Festival takes place the same month so, with the possibility of running into Zadie Smith, Murakami or George R.R. Martin, you’ll be the happiest person on earth.

4. Fly away.

Edinburgh airport is pretty well connected to the city centre and it’s the busiest airport in Scotland and the sixth in the UK. Living in Edinburgh won’t cut off seeing your family, just the opposite: its wide offer will increase your possibilities of going back home very often.

5. It’s objectively beautiful.

In 2015 Edinburgh was voted the 4th most beautiful city in the world – and it hasn’t changed since. Described as the Athens of the North, beating even real Athens, not only will you be living in a stunning mixture of green parks, Britishness, immersed in culture and history, but you’ll be also part of a thrilling scene of start-ups and tech-hubs

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