Embrace Changing Technology or Fall Behind

Friday, August 26, 2016 - 16:13
Embrace Changing Technology or Fall Behind

Any student of science will know Moore’s Law that says computer power doubles every 18 months. For the rest of us, it is the simple fact that if you don’t embrace changing technology you will soon be left behind.

As consumers we are champions of new technology in our everyday lives. From new social media channels and smart TVs, through to Apple and Android Pay and the latest GPS tracking services for our pets, we tend to lap them up.

In business, however, we can be more hesitant. The investment required, the need to avoid technology that could quickly become obsolete, and even understanding how to apply new technologies to the workplace, all make decisions more difficult.

But not now. These barriers are being torn down and if you run a retail or hospitality business that relies on attracting and retaining today’s tech-savvy consumer, this is very good news.

Cloud technology allows software to be available ‘as a service’ and on subscription. It is not only much cheaper; it is also very easy to update. This is exactly how we are revolutionising the world of retail and hospitality with our cutting-edge electronic point of sale solution.

At Intelligent Point of Sale our mission is putting enterprise-level tools into the hands of businesses of all sizes and our objective is to continually develop our product so that a business can better serve its modern consumers.

We take the latest innovations and turn them into the best and most effective business applications. In doing so, we help companies of all sizes keep pace with consumer trends, remain profitable, sell more, generate loyalty and grow.

The latest 4.0 update  to intelligentpos represents a complete overhaul of our product. We’ve made it better, faster and more flexible so that business owners can respond to sales patterns more effectively. Our solution works with Chip & PIN devices which offer the ability to process credit cards, contactless, Apple and Android Pay transactions with ease. We’ve introduced new features from loyalty schemes that can kick-in at the point of order or payment, through to fully integrated accountancy packages and diary systems.

Investing in new technology can give a business a real competitive edge: take a look at what Amazon is doing with drones, or what banks are doing with robotics. Their approach to technology ensures their brands stay ahead of the curve and continue to engage their customers. 

Technology excites us all.

Consumers want the very latest technology - they are excited by innovation - and this is the inspiration that drives us.

We won’t be left behind. 

•    Robin Knox is the CEO and founder of Intelligent Point of Sale