Exploring the Problems That intelligentpos® EPOS Can Solve

Thursday, February 4, 2016 - 19:00
Exploring the Problems That intelligentpos® EPOS Can Solve

Acquiring an iPad-based point-of-sales system for your business isn’t just a way to seem forward-thinking to your customers.

The standard functions of an EPOS system can solve some troublesome problems common to many growing businesses. Here are a few problems that an EPOS system can help solve for your business. With more time, more data, greater control, and greater flexibility you can focus your attention on hitting your growth targets and not putting out fires.

Too Busy Selling, Not Helping Customers

Once you’ve deployed an EPOS system across your business, serving your customers will be far quicker. Configured to your specific business environment, EPOS terminals save time for you, your employees, and, ultimately, your customers. You’ll be able to serve your customers far more quickly with an easily mastered touch-screen format. You and your staff can intuitively select products with modifiers and get that queue moving. Given that you’re in business to help people, the more time you can share with them, and not fiddling with your point-of-sales system, the better. Every business owner aspires to spend more time with their customers influencing their purchasing decisions, not on the sales process. Get this time back with an EPOS system.

No Business Data, No Performance Insights

Many small businesses struggle to collect the type of data that can be used to gain significant insights into business performance. Rightly, you’re focused on customer service and sales over management reporting. But there’s no need for this to be an either-or proposition. An EPOS system automatically generates management-level reports that give you detailed insights into your business process and performance. Simply by using these terminals to log sales you’ll be creating data that can be analysed and used to answer important questions about your customers’ purchasing decisions, and give suggestions on how you can better serve them. ‘You manage what you measure’, they say, and with automatic business data reporting you can analyse aspects of your business that were previously unavailable to you.

Lack Of Control, Always Fighting Fires

If you meet your growth targets and end up with multiple sales terminals in a busy environment, you’ll want to keep track of what’s happening throughout the day. Rather than wait until your business closes for the day to identify and solve sales problems, an EPOS solution allows you to spot potential problems as they develop, not afterwards. With an iPad in control centre mode, a manager can watch what customers are purchasing live. If your business is particularly busy, or operates at several locations, you can still see what’s happening across your business.

Inflexible Business, Not Market Responsive

The intelligentpos EPOS system allows you to customise the POS interface to meet your unique business situation. This makes it easier to train employees, add new items, and quickly update pricing information. This means that there’s plenty of flexibility in managing your business operations. In the past, updating a menu, for example, would have taken a lot of work and coordination to implement at each POS terminal. With an EPOS system you can expand your business and alter products and pricing data easily. This level of control is particularly important for SMEs, who want to make sure that their businesses are nimble and can react swiftly to market conditions with new initiatives, products, and topical offers.


The cumulative effects of deploying an EPOS solution for your business are clear. Even if seeking to mitigate just one problem leads you to adopt an EPOS, you’ll quickly find that a number of pinch-points in your business can be better managed. - Speeding up the sales process keeps your customers happy. - Management reporting functions becomes far easier with the automatic collection of business data. - Live business monitoring means that problems can be resolved before they develop into something serious. - Staying flexible means that you can shift gears quickly and react to changes in the marketplace. These are all effects that most businesses would welcome and that an EPOS system can deliver. Running a business is stressful: now you know how to make it much easier!

Nick Blackbourn