How to Provide Better Customer Service with the Help of EPOS Technology

Thursday, April 7, 2016 - 19:00
 How to Provide Better Customer Service with the Help of EPOS Technology

How to Provide Better Customer Service with the Help of EPOS Technology

What are you doing to make sure that each and every customer who interacts with your business has a positive experience?
The importance of great customer service can’t be overstated: your customers don’t have to return to you, they can easily go to the bigger stores. But many don’t, because they appreciate the personal touch from small, independent shops like yours.

With great customer service, you give your customers a reason to come back. And happy, returning customers are the bedrock of any successful business.
In this post we’ll talk about how using EPOS technology, among other things, can help you and your staff focus on the crucial task of customer service.

Have Time for Your Customers

Do you know what’s happening in your business?

When you know your best selling products as well as your current inventory, you’re in command of your most important back-of-store data. This means you’re better equipped to actually help your customers; there’s no need to leave them unattended while you go to ‘check on that’, you already know what’s popular and what’s in stock with a quick look at your iPad.

Being comfortable with your business’ operations also means that you (the owner) can be present more often and show your customers that you care. Everyone likes to meet the owner of their favourite store. Your presence lets your customers know that you truly value them.

Customer centricity is especially vital for small business, so use technology to minimise the time you spend on business processes and maximise the time you spend interacting with your customers.

Know How to Help Your Customer

Does your staff know enough about your customers?

You expect your staff to be familiar with your products, know how to use your EPOS system, and be aware of how you expect them to interact with customers. All this is vital but not enough for the highest level of customer service.

Better training can mean that your staff understand exactly how your product can help different people in different situations. This is far more than being able to rattle off a list of product features. Your staff need to be familiar with the specific issues that your business helps solve.

Ultimately, people buy solutions to their problems. Make sure that your staff are familiar with these concerns so that they can provide the most relevant assistance to your customers.

Listening to Customer Feedback

Do you have systems in place that allow you to monitor and respond to customer feedback? How do you make sure that your customer’s voice is heard and will result in improvements to their experience with you?

A loyalty scheme administered through your EPOS system is one solution. It’s easy to implement and means you can assess how your best customers interact with your business.

But what about the customers who don’t come back? You still need to listen to them. Online listening is an important part of modern customer service. Make sure that there is someone in your business who has the responsibility to monitor and respond to your social mentions and online reviews.

Popular websites that you should keep an eye on include:

  • Yelp
  • Google My Business
  • Facebook Places
  • TripAdvisor

These are some obvious places to look out for customer reviews. Thank customers who leave positive reviews, and explain to customers who’ve had negative experiences how you’re working to improve your service.

When you do this, customers will know that you take customer service seriously and that you’re always willing to take action to make things better.

Reputation Matters

All of these aspects of great customer service require leadership and teamwork. Do you yourself set an example of high standards? Have you instituted a culture of care?

Your business needs the right attitude as well as the right technology in order to provide the best standards of customer service. Make sure that you have time for your customers, that your staff know what they need, and that you are able to collect and respond to their feedback.

A reputation for great customer service gives your customers a reason to choose you and then keep coming back.

Nick Blackbourn