Selling to Humans in a Digital Age: How to Use EPOS Technology to Delight Customers

Thursday, April 21, 2016 - 19:00
 Selling to Humans in a Digital Age: How to Use EPOS Technology to Delight Customers

Selling to Humans in a Digital Age: How to Use EPOS Technology to Delight Customers

"In our world today there are so many choices of tools and technology to use in business. We really have to ask ourselves: what insight does this give me that helps make my business even better at meeting and exceeding the needs of my customer? Selling to people in the digital age is really all about how you differentiate yourself in a crowded market through providing amazing customer experiences that endure in customers’ minds."

Graeme Horsfall, COO at Intelligentpos


Digital sales technologies are accessible to even the smallest business today: contactless card readers, iPad sales terminals, and electronic loyalty programmes are easily added to your sales toolkit.

These are all rapidly becoming necessary components for your business but they certainly don’t represent an entirely automated sales solution. We might be in the digital age but we’re still human - people come to your store for the personal touch.

Digital sales devices can become a barrier between you and your customers, and don’t necessarily result in a more pleasant interaction. Make your sales technology a facilitator of a human-first sales process, rather than a roadblock to it.

Emerging sales technologies should be used to maximise opportunities to be more personable in your sales process.

Your First Steps Towards an EPOS-powered Business

What you need to get started with an EPOS system will depend on your specific business requirements. If your sales terminals often operate off-site - if you trade at local markets, for example - then the portability of your EPOS equipment is an important factor. However, if you have a large online presence then a more important consideration is the software integrations that will leverage that particular strength.

When researching what EPOS software is best for you, weigh up which features your business needs right now, and which might prove useful as you grow. Be sure to think long term. Which provider offers regular updates, excellent support, and low monthly costs?

Don’t forget that EPOS technology isn’t just a customer-facing technology. With the right solution, your business can make a shift to digital back-office functions. Also use demo versions and, where available, free trials so that you can sample the software that is sure to become a vital part of your business process.

EPOS technology is being adopted rapidly and is helping thousands of small businesses grow. With the information you now have, you can carefully consider your options when assessing which standalone EPOS solution is best for your business.

Use Technology To Make the Most of Your Competitive Advantage

Digital tools are just that: tools. When you have an EPOS system and can process sales quickly and easily, it doesn’t mean that you’re better at selling. You simply have the means to understand what you are selling and when, and make informed decisions.

Sales techniques aren’t rocket science. It’s about recognising that your customers are human and helping your sales team learn how to treat each of them as an important and unique individual.

Knowing your customers and how your products and services add value is critical. Using EPOS technology allows you to spend less time processing transactions and more time learning about your customers so that you can tailor your sales message to their individual needs.

Ultimately, sales technology for small businesses isn’t about automation. It’s about permitting you and your staff the time to double-down on your competitive advantage: individual attention and a personalised experience.

Nick Blackbourn