Simplifying Your Business With an iPad POS System

Thursday, May 12, 2016 - 19:00
 Simplifying Your Business With an iPad POS System

Simplifying administrative tasks and reducing back office workload are always welcomed by business owners. You want to spend time working on the things that add value to your business, not admin work; your business benefits when you spend less time managing and more time with your customers.

A modern point-of-sale (POS) system reduces the burden of admin tasks. While most business owners recognise that it makes the sales process easier, they underestimate its ability to automate many back office functions. It’s the combination of these features - sales as well as data collection and processing - that make digital POS systems so flexible and effective for even the smallest businesses.

In particular, basing a POS system around an iPad is an attractive option. An iPad is an off-the-shelf, adaptable device which means high functionality for its cost. Its ease-of-use and processing power allow your business, with little input from you, to be extremely responsive to your sales data.

Here’s how this system - an iPad point of sales solution - can help you save time and better serve your customers.

Why adopt an iPad POS system for your business?

There are many benefits to an EPOS system. The primary business rationale is usually to provide a method to collect and record payment from your customers. But at the point of sale, you also have an opportunity to collect the additional information that can be processed to generate a variety of business reports.

With this data, EPOS technology can automate aspects of your business administration, making life easier for you, your employees, and your customers. Inventory can be monitored, timesheets tracked, and loyalty programmes administered - all from one EPOS application.

In the recent past, this level of functionality meant an expensive, specialist solution with bespoke software and hardware. But by adopting a consumer tablet device and a dedicated EPOS app, these solutions are available at a far more accessible price.

This means that the smallest businesses can benefit from EPOS software and reduce the administrative burden of running a business.

Why use an iPad for an EPOS system?

As you know, the iPad is a wildly popular tablet device. You may use one at home and wonder how they could possibly work in a business setting. Isn’t it too easy to switch apps and mess around with the security settings?

Apple actively targets businesses with its flagship tablets. In ‘business mode’ the iPad takes on a very different character to the device you have at home. Restricted access and iOS’s closed development philosophy ensures that supervisors have full control over their business devices.

There’s no doubt that the iPad is primarily a consumer-oriented device, but high sales volume results in a lower cost for you. Its popularity also means active firmware development with regular software updates that add functionality and maintain the highest level of security.

A device that can play high-resolution video games for hours on end needs substantial computing muscle.This means that the iPad is easily powerful enough to run your business, not just for processing sales but also important functions that would normally require you tinkering with spreadsheets on your own. And no one enjoys that.

Does an iPad-based EPOS system simplify business processes?

When the computing power of the iPad is combined with a dedicated EPOS app, your business has access to a range of business functions. These aren’t just adding bells-and-whistles to a pricey device, it means simplifying everyday work processes without any extra effort from you.

What does an iPad / point of sales app tandem add?

Simplifying your business isn’t about automating everything so you can ignore it. Automation removes repetitive tasks so that you can focus on more valuable activities like analysis and data-driven decision making. This doesn’t necessarily mean less work but the chance to do better work.

A note of caution: don’t confuse digitisation with simplification. Too often, new technology doesn’t actually make life easier, it just digitises a process. This doesn’t add too much value.

The best business solutions - point of sales or otherwise - make life easier and also provide an impetus for action. Every business is different, so it’s up to you to tell apart features that add to the noise, and the features that can truly help your business grow.

Conclusion: Is an iPad/EPOS combination right for my business?

Adopting an iPad point of sales system isn’t about digitising just one, admittedly important, function. Processing sales is actually a minor part of a modern EPOS system.

Simply by logging sales through an app, your business can automate numerous business functions that make your life easier and provide actionable insights. For example, access to your business reports without the hassle of computing them yourself means that it’s far easier to be a data-driven business, however small you are.

The iPad is a solid option to base an EPOS system around because you get a lot of computing power that can be put to work for your business and, importantly, its infrastructure is regularly updated by Apple. This ensures security and compatibility with your other devices.

If you want to run a data-driven business but don’t want the additional work of capturing and processing the required information, then using an iPad EPOS system makes sense. You’ll get actionable data without the hassle and you can use your energy growing your business rather than just managing it.

Nick Blackbourn