The Time-Saving Benefits of EPOS Technology

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 - 19:00
The Time-Saving Benefits of EPOS Technology

There are many reasons to adopt an iPad-based electronic point of sales system for your business.

Acquisition is cheap, it’s easy to setup, and it gives your business a savvy, hi-tech image. But an EPOS system is a productivity investment as much as an investment in equipment. A number of EPOS solutions are available to run on an iPad and as soon as you install an EPOS app you can discontinue many repetitive administrative tasks. The less time that you spend managing your sales terminals, collating management data, and creating operations reports, the more time you have to spend on the hard work of growing your business. Processing your sales through an iPad isn’t a gimmick: the true value of EPOS technology is that it allows you to spend less time in front of a screen and more time with the people that make your business what it is - your staff and your customers.

Here are three ways an EPOS system can save you time and allow you to do more of the things that truly matter in your business:

1. Automated Reporting

Every business owner knows that they should probably spend a bit more time working on their business rather than in their business. Because an EPOS system automatically collates your sales information into a number of useful management reports, you can assess performance more frequently and accurately. You’re in a far better position to see what’s working and what’s not, and adjust as necessary.

2. Cloud Synchronisation

Whether you have one terminal or twenty, when your EPOS system is synchronising with a cloud-based backup service, you can always be sure that your business data is safe and secure. Whether it’s just you serving your customers at a marketplace or you at your desk overseeing a multi-location operation, you can observe what’s going on in your business in real-time. And if there’s no internet connection, our EPOS app syncs as soon as one is available.

3. Update and Add EPOS devices

Each terminal’s product list, price information, and item modifications are always up-to-date. You don’t have to individually re-programme each terminal when you need to make changes. Adding a new, special item to your price list isn’t much of a hassle. Also, once created, your product list or menu items can be easily downloaded onto additional POS devices. Adopting an EPOS solution makes it easy to add sales capacity as your business grows. These features aren't trivial. They make running your business far more straightforward and give you more time to expand your business rather than get bogged down in bureaucratic detail. Given how simple it is to get started with an EPOS system, you can very quickly reduce the administrative burden of your business and focus on the more important tasks in your company. Adopting EPOS technology is essentially an investment in your business’s productivity.

Nick Blackbourn