Forget about a bulky till on your desk. Control your full business, and much more, from your iPad.

iZettle Pro has two operating modes to suit retail or hospitality operators. These can be accessed in the config area or upon starting the app.

Our EPOS app works fully offline for essential features such as printing and sharing bills, for multi-site features like loyalty and accounts you’ll need to have an internet connection.

Users can log in using a 1-8 digit pin number and should you choose to activate it they can then use our quick login function which assigns their name to a button on the login screen. Managers or supervisors can be opted out of this quick login function for added security. There is also an adjustable security timeout which returns the POS app to the login screen after a period of inactivity.

Add products, give it a set price, open price or price by weight. Assign a barcode or SKU. Configure tax options and sit in/takeout price modifications. Set up modifiers and variants as well as stock levels or age prompt messages.

Modifiers can be assigned to a product in order to open an option window when a product is sold. A stepped sequence can be created with pre-defined minimum-maximum item selection to auto-advance to the next option window and prevent accidental inclusion or omission of extras. The options can be no-charge items like cooking instructions or charged products such as extra add-on items. You also have the ability to independently edit the price of the modifiers.

These can be used to create a matrix of item attributes underneath a product. For example if we stock a style of t-shirt sold in 5 colours and 5 sizes, we actually stock 25 SKUs but we only want to show one button on-screen for this product and report on the overall popularity of the design. Variants allow multiple barcodes or SKUs to be held and also price variations between each attribute.

These selectors can be added to a button layout and provide the ability to alter the price of a product and also select the amount that is de-stocked each time it is sold. For example, a bottle of wine sold by the glass or different cup sizes of coffee can be sold at different prices and de-stock different amounts of ingredients.

Assign products to categories and select particular categories to print order dockets to different prep stations around your business. Categories can then be grouped under departments for reporting purposes.

Drag and drop product buttons to re-organise your POS product screens. Add portion selectors and also change the order of your menu bar. Automatically generate POS screens from a category or create custom button layouts containing a mixture of top-selling products from different categories so that they are arranged for fast access.

Quantity, Search, Abandon order, Waste, Save, Add Promotion, No sale, Transaction reverse, View Closed orders, Void, Pay out, Clock out, Cashup, Help, Refund.

The payment screen on iZettle Pro is designed to be fast and easy to use. Large quick cash buttons enable the user to quickly close a sale with minimal effort. Tender types and options such as gratuity, loyalty, account payment, voucher and gift card enable a variety of payment options to empower your business. Finish the transaction by emailing or printing the customer receipt, branded with your company logo and opening times. The ‘change due’ screen has a configurable timeout and you can choose to configure an automatic logout upon transaction completion.

Our POS app is fully integrated with selected iZettle and Verifone payment devices. Chip and pin integration not only speeds up service with contactless and Apple Pay but it also reduces keying errors made by employees, eliminating the need to reconcile individual EFT receipts against the POS.

Create promotions by value or percentage. Assign a colour and limit them to specific categories. Set promotions to be unlocked by a certain level of loyalty points on a one-off or lifetime basis.

Three configurable individual tax rates to be applied to individual products or for sit-in/take-out tax adjustments. Change currency and tax scheme name.

Cloud based customer accounts can be created from here where products are saved against a customer record. These accounts can be accessed across multiple sites and POS systems.

Use this feature to record payments made for advance bookings. Set an expiry date and record customer details. The deposit can then be applied to a sale at a later date.

Record the cash drawer float when you open the POS application and then perform a blind cashup by entering the amounts of cash and card payments you have made. An email report is then sent to the account owner.

We have three configurable user access levels – staff, supervisor and manager. These can be individually configured to enable and disable features such as refunds, promotions and voids for certain groups of employees.

Employees hours can be recorded to your dashboard if this feature is enabled. At the end of the week you will see an editable time card that displays total hours worked which then can be exported to csv to run payroll.

Training mode allows user training to take place without affecting the sales totals. All features may be demonstrated apart from chip and pin payments which are not available from this mode.

Live chat, submit support ticket, read FAQs from directly in the app.

The iZettle Pro dashboard provides quick and easy access to real time sales data, from any device with a web browser, from anywhere in the world. It has quick stats such as ‘transactions today’, ‘amount of sales today’, ‘average transaction value’ and ‘Gross profit this week’. You can see graphs of your sales performance over different time periods as well as access detailed, custom date range reports like ‘sales by hour’, ‘popular products’, ‘cash card split’, ‘sales by user’ and many more.

The advanced stock manager module allows you to create suppliers and wholesale product lists. For hospitality or bundle products you may choose to add components which de-stock each time a product is sold on the POS. Performing inventory checks is easy with the stock take feature, simply enter the amounts of base components counted and a variance report will be produced showing overage and loss. Run a stock holding report at any time to calculate the live, cost-price stock value on-hand.

View your customers by revenue, connect with them using contact information captured at the point of sale and view purchasing history.

View historical records of employee hours worked, edit any sessions that have been flagged if the staff member has forgotten to clock out and export to csv for payroll processing.

Upload your company logo here to be printed on all of your receipts.

Submit feature requests and up-vote other suggestions to help shape our product development road map.

We integrate with barcode scanners to speed up transactions.

We integrate with a selection of printers for fast professional receipt and kitchen printing. Configure your printers to print duplicates or double up as a prep printer. Add your logo and business details to the receipt header for a professional look.

A selection of EPOS equipment such as cash drawers and iPad stands are available at our hardware store

iZettle Pro is integrated with a variety of other cloud based software products. Our mission is to create a connected eco-system of integrated solutions which share our ethos and make running your business easier.