You need to know your business insights to take wise decisions. When are your peaks and troughs? How many burgers do you sell every week? Do you have enough stock for the weekend? Know all this information in a few seconds by logging in to our Backoffice.


View your transactions and sales reports quickly and easily on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Access reports in a simple and straightforward format, with as much detail as you need.

Manage your inventory in an accurate and efficient way. 

Reward your customers for their purchases, as well as gathering customer data for eCRM. 

Keep track of all staff from the dashboard.

Add your logo and any custom messages to your receipts.

Manage your business remotely using the Backoffice

Manage your stock, modify your products and easily view your business reports with just a few clicks.

If, for instance, Phil gets sick while you’re on holiday, don’t worry: you can reorganise your employees’ shifts and timesheets without interrupting your holiday for too long.

Access real-time data from anywhere with our complimentary app for iPhone.