We’re much more than a traditional cash register shaped in the form of a beautiful app. We’re an electronic point of sale (EPOS) system and we want to revolutionise the way you make business.

Add products, give it a set price, open price or price by weight. Assign a barcode or SKU. Configure tax options and sit in/takeout price modifications.

Options can be assigned to a product in order to open an option window when a product is sold. The options can be no-charge items like cooking instructions or charged products such as extra add-on items.

Assign products to categories and select particular categories to print order dockets to different prep stations around your business. Categories can then be grouped under departments for reporting purposes.

Drag and drop product buttons to re-organise your POS product screens. Add portion selectors and also change the order of your menu bar.

Quantity, Search, Abandon order, Waste, Save, Add Promotion, No sale, Transaction reverse, View Closed orders, Void, Pay out, Clock out, Cashup, Help, Refund.

Gift cards can be sold electronically or choose to supply physical branded plastic gift cards to your customers.

Generate loyalty accounts and provide your customers with physical branded key tag cards. If a customer forgets their card then use the search function to apply their name to the sale.

iZettle Pro makes your life easier

We’ll speed up your transactions, help you reward your loyal clientele and manage floats, among a long list of features.

By choosing iZettle Pro, you’ll be happier and less stressed, so you’ll have more time to focus on your customers. All these paths take you to the same destination: your restaurant, café, pub, food truck, shop or pop-up store will be more profitable.