We know how important it is to protect your data, your customers’ personal information and your equipment. Intelligent Point of Sale does everything to ensure your information is safe and give you complete peace of mind.


We do not handle or store any sensitive card details within the app. All card payment data is controlled and processed directly through your choice of Chip & PIN provider and your trading data is all held on a master server as well as five replica servers. Two full copies of your database are also stored at a separate location.

The advantage of storing your data in the elastic cloud is that at busy times it can scale up and harness the power of multiple servers to keep all your accounts running smoothly.

Security Options

You can always track your iPad if it is lost or stolen. Relax, your company data will never be lost. It is always backed up on our cloud-based servers in PCI DSS compliant data centres around the world.

Restrict iPad Features

Settings within iOS can be easily adjusted to enable you to restrict access to your iPad apps, internet browser and settings. This will prevent the iPad being used while intelligentpos is active.

Hardware Security

We have a range of stands and hardware available from our online shop to ensure your iPad is safe, secure, and protected against theft.


We are PCI exempt. No card data is stored on the intelligentpos app, the POS or iPad. All card data is stored directly and securely with the Chip & PIN provider.

Why iOS?

iOS is designed with advanced security technologies that offer enterprise-grade protection for corporate data while maintaining a great user experience.

Apple not only designs trusted hardware, but also ensures the operating system software is protected by regular security updates for all supported devices.