Button layouts can be configured through the Backoffice, and can be set per iPad.

To create a button layout, go into 'Layouts' from the menu on the left and side. From here you can see all the current button layouts. Select the 'Create button layout' option, which brings up the following screen:

From here you can give the layout a name (e.g. spirits), assign it a specific colour, and press 'Save'.

If you select the new layout from the list, and select the 'Manage buttons' option, this brings up the following screen:



To add products to the layout, select the 'Add product' button. Alternatively, you can search for the products you would like to add, click to select them, and click 'Add'.

This will add the products to the layout. From here you can drag them around by clicking on the three lines at the top left of the product button and arranging them in any order you like.

To add a 'Portion control' (e.g. pint, half pint) select the 'Add portion control' button. These can also be arranged by clicking on the top left of the button and dragging them to create your own layout.

Per Terminal Layouts:

If you want to setup different layouts per terminal (e.g. the terminal on the bar and the terminal in a resturant) go to 'Layouts' and select the 'Per terminal layouts' option.

Now you can select the terminal, select the 'Use custom button layouts' option, then click the 'Create button layout' option. This will give you a list of all your button layouts, where you can select the layouts you would like to use on this terminal.

If you would like to reset this back to the default layout, click the 'Reset to default' option.