Go to 'Settings > Categories' to create a new or edit an existing category.

'Categories' are used to group products together and reports are also grouped this way.

Z-reads give 'Category' breakdowns.

Food items are printed in the kitchen underneath 'Category' headings.

Example categories for a bar or pub would be: Starters, Mains, Soft Drinks, Draught Beer, Wine, Spirits.

Example categories for a clothing store would be: Men's Jackets, Men's Footwear, Ladies Skirts.

To display categories on the sales screen, first a 'Layout' must be created.

Please see our Layouts page for more info.

'Departments' group 'Categories' and 'Categories' group 'Products'.

If you wish to create a 'Department' click 'Create Category Department'.

You can then assign 'Categories' to this 'Department', for example you could have all food categories in a 'Dry Department' and all drinks in a 'Wet Department'.

Display Name

Enter the name of the Category in this field.


Allows the user to assign the category to a department, which can be set up in the 'Departments' section
(e.g. WET for drinks or DRY for food).

Layout Button colour

If you go on to generate an automatic layout from this category this will set the colour of the button that will appear on screen.

Print at kitchen

Set this to 'ON' if you want the products in this category to be printed by the Kitchen Printer.

Print at station 1 - 2

Set 'Print at station 1' or 'Print at station 2' to 'ON' to send orders to a particular printer.


This should be set to 'ON', if you wish to delete a category set this to 'OFF'.