If the iZettle reader is not connecting to the app when 'Pay with iZettle' is selected, this may be down to the reader not being connected to the iPad. This can be checked by going into the iPad settings and selecting 'Bluetooth'. The iZettle reader will show as either 'Connected' or 'Not Connected'. If it is 'not connected', ensure that the iZettle reader is on and within range (the reader has a 10 meter maximum range) and it has enough battery power. Tap the iZettle reader to pair it back to the iPad.

If you have more than one iPad and iZettle reader, check the correct reader is being used.

The readers also get regular firmware updates sent down by iZettle. These can be manually installed by going into Settings->Integrations->iZettle settings and select 'Card Readers'. If an update is available for download, it will show within here.


If you see a 'PED not found' message, try the below steps:

Check that the iPad is still connected to the default WiFi network. This can be done by going into the iPad settings and select WiFi. The iPad will need to be on the same network that the printers and VeriFone Reader are on.

If they are on the same network, select Menu->System->System Info on the Verifone reader. The settings will then be printed from the reader.

Once printed, open the iZettle Pro app and check that the IP address on the system info slip matches the IP address that is has been entered in Settings->Integrations->Verifone IP. If they do not, enter the correct one on the app.

Please note that certain routers can cause networking blocks on traffic if the broadband line goes down. As such, rebooting the router may help with any connection problems.