Our app currently integrates with two card reader providers, iZettle and Verifone. This means you can interact directly with the card readers on the Pay screen, without the need to enter the amount separately. This removes a step in the process and helps to ensure no mistakes are made when needlessly entering the payment amount. 


You will need an iZettle account set up before you can complete this process. To do this, or for further support with your reader, go to www.izettle.com 

1. The first time you start the card reader it will automatically go into pairing mode. 

At any other time: Press the Bluetooth button and release when the Bluetooth pairing symbol is displayed. 

2.  Go to the iPad settings and Turn Bluetooth on. Wait for “iZettle ###” to appear and tap it to connect. (The ### are the last 3 digits of the card reader’s serial number, which you can find on the back of the device.)

3. A six digit code will appear on the iPad. The same code should appear on the card reader, Confirm on both devices to pair them. 

4. Open the iZettle Pro App and go to Settings - > Integrations -> iZettle - > iZettle settings and enter your iZettle username and password. 


Please follow the manufacturers instructions to connect your verifone handset to your network. The Verifone Handset and the iPad, both need to be on the same network. 

1. First you need to obtain the IP address of the Verifone Handset. To do this, go to Menu -. System -> System info on your Verifone Handset. This will print out the system info, including the PED IP address.

2. Open up the iZettle Pro app and login.

3. Go to Settings -> Integrations -> Verifone and enter the IP address of the handset in to the PED IP Address field. You should now be able to accept Card payments through the iZettle Pro app directly.