Operating mode

Retail/Hospitality, changes some features of the app depending on what option is selected.

Enable delivery and collection 

When tapping ‘Saved Order’ you will be asked if you want to save the order for collection or delivery. Collection will allow you to save the order with a name. Delivery will allow you to print off a receipt with address details.

Enable timekeeping

Set this to 'ON' to enable use of the 'Timesheets' feature found in the Back Office Portal.

Enable sit in/take out mode

If set to 'ON', till users can select whether an order is for sitting in or take away.

Default order type

Set this to 'Take out' if take away orders are the default option for orders. Applies only in hospitality mode.

Security timeout

Choose the time it takes to auto logout due to inactivity.

Change due screen timeout

This feature display the require change on completing a transaction. Default time is set to 10 seconds.

Log out when a transaction is completed

Set this to 'ON' if you want the terminal to automatically log out when an order is cashed off.

Enable quick login

Set this to 'ON' to enable users to select their name to log into the system instead of entering their user pin.

Currency symbol

Select the symbol used for transactions (£ or $ etc.).

Tax rate %

Enter the tax rate to be applied, VAT is currently 20%.

Tax scheme name

Within the selectable field you can enter the name of local tax, by default this will be set to VAT.

Enable gratuity

Enabling gratuity allows the user to input a gratuity amount or percentage so that when a transaction is completed, a tip can be added to the total bill.

Allow custom service charge amount

Displays a button on the payment screen that allows a custom gratuity to be entered upon payment.

Tax rate for service charge

The tax rate will be added to the bill when pressing ‘Add Service Charge’.

Allow voucher payment

Displays a 'Voucher' button on the payment screen. This allows payment by any form of tender other than cash or card, e.g. If a customer has been given a hand written credit note or similar.

Allow giving change on vouchers

If set to 'ON' any value of a voucher that is not redeemed by a customer can have the value not spent given back as change.

Allow payment to account

Enter an amount, usually 5, 10 & 20 to denote common note values

Enable gift cards

Enabling gift cards will allow the customer to use a giftcard against their total bill. After the button is switched to 'On', and the transaction is progressed to the pay screen, the 'Gift card' button will be clickable. Once selected, you can use the ipad camera to scan a giftcard to apply it to the bill.

Enable deposits

Enabling deposits allows customers to create a 'Tab' for their bills. Customers can choose to how and when to pay off any oustanding credits.

Prompt at pay message

You can set a message to show at the pay screen. For example a message can say “Ask customer how their day is going”.

Refund period (days)

Allows for a customer limit to orders that can be refunded. When the number of days has been changed, this will affect the date range whereby closed orders can be seen within 'Functions'.

Prompt at refund message

Allows for a message to be shown when an order has been recalled for a refund.

Ask for table name and No. of covers

If set to 'Off' the system will not ask for the till user to enter a table name or enter the number of covers on the table.

Display tables immediately

For use with Hospitality Mode. Automatically displays the 'Tables' screen upon login.

Display "Mains Away" and "Kitchen Msg"

With orders saved to a table, “Mains Away” will send a message to the kitchen telling them to prepare the main course. With kitchen message, you can enter a message that will send to the printer in the kitchen

Set up predefined messages

This feature allows for popular/common messages to be setup. The selecting 'Message' on the sales screen a list of messages will appear for quick selection.

Share saved table orders between devices

If only 1 terminal is being used this should be 'OFF', Turn this to 'ON' if you want to have table data shared between multiple terminals.

Disallow Z-report if saved orders exist

Turn this to 'ON' if you want to prohibit staff from running a Z-Report if there are active tables or saved orders.

Zero takings on Z-report

Default is 'OFF' which will give the same value each time a Z-Report is run, until the rollover hour, when it will revert to £0. When turned 'ON' every time a Z-Report is run it will give a value of takings since the last time a report was run.

Enable floats

This feature allows for a starting cash level when first logging into the terminal.

Notify me if my Wi-Fi connection drops out

Turn this to 'ON' if you want a notification when the Wi-Fi signal is lost.

Default Wi-Fi network

The system default network will be displayed in here. If the connected network on the iPad is different to the default network, the system may not function correctly.

Set current Wi-Fi network as default

Use this setting in the event of Wi-Fi/Networking changes. Selecting this will update the default network that is on the system.

Send database to iZettle Pro

Allows you to upload a copy of your locally stored sales data. Useful for support and diagnosing any problems you may be having with regard to orders.

Advanced settings

Within advanced setting, features like Reset all data, Reset all table order data and Terminal IDs are now located. This option should only be accessed on the advice of a support agent.