Function Menu

The 'Function' menu is accessible from the top left area of the 'Sales Screen' and provides access to the features included in the iZettle Pro app.

Certain options vary depending on which operating mode you are using:

See 'Hospitality Mode Functions' below

See 'Retail Mode Functions' below


This function allows you to search for products by name or by SKU.

'Add promotion'
Allows you to apply a promotion to an order.

'Abandon order'
If you start to process an order and then want to abandon it without completion, you can select the function menu and then 'Abandon order', and the current order that is on screen will be removed.

'Waste items'
Allows you to ring through an item as wastage. You must input a reason for wasting an item so the waste data can be recorded.

'Transaction Reverse'
This function allows you to reverse a transaction

'Split Order' (Hospitality Mode)
Allows a table order to be split, depending on the selected products. The new order will appear on same table.

'Merge / Move to Table' (Hospitality Mode)
Allows you to move an order from one table to another or assign the current order to a specific table.

'Save' (Retail Mode)
If you begin to process an order and want to save it for later, you would go to the function menu and select 'Save' which allows an order to be saved and recalled at a later time, prior to being cashed off.

'Saved Orders' (Retail Mode)
Allows you to view a list of orders that have been previously saved and allows them to be abandoned or re-opened. Swipe left on an order to abandon it, or select a saved order from the list to open it and continue with the transaction.

'No Sale'
This function displays the main sales screen and kicks the cash drawer open without the need to process a transaction.

'View Closed Orders'
Shows a list of the orders that have been processed throughout the day. Details such as 'Order Number', 'Time', 'Staff member' and 'Total' are displayed.
You are able to select the arrow to the right of a closed order to display the option for a 'Refund'.

To perform a refund, you will need to select the order to be refunded and the buttons at the bottom of the screen will be become clickable. From here, you can select 'Refund Order'

Select this function button to bring up the page below where you can scan a loyalty card to apply loyalty discount to an order.

This function allows all the accounts linked to the ipad to be viewed. The list displays the account number, name, date it was created and the total amount of transaction value that each account has processed.

'Clock Out'
Selecting this feature will log you out of the app and take you to the login screen shown below. This will allow you to log back in with the same account, or to login with a different account. Before you log out, please make sure you know your pin.

Allows you to view a list of the printers you have connected and what settings are assigned to each printer. You can also select individual printers and change their settings.

Displays the screen below which gives you the option to view FAQ's & Guides, Raise a support ticket, Live chat to the support team and check for app updates. It will also display the iZettle Pro contact details, which version of the app you are currently running, the terminal number and the username of the active account.

'Payment Out'
This function allows you to open the cash drawer to remove money. A dialogue will appear where you can enter the amount taken and the reason for the payment.

Select this function at the end of the trading day to register your total takings. The screen below will appear, allowing you to enter the amount of cash payments, card payments and voucher payments. Once confirmed, the information will be added to you backoffice account and will appear in your reports.

Allows you to input the amount of cash you start with on a trading day.

Select training mode when showing a new staff member how to work the app. The screen below will be displayed which shows the details of training mode and the features that are avaliable in this mode. Select 'Start training' to begin using this mode, and when you are done, select 'training' in the function menu to deselect training mode. 

'Gift cards'
Select this function button to create, activate or lookup gift cards for use against a transaction.

Some items are able to be set up on a deposit payment scheme, as shown in the screen below. When you select 'Deposits' from the function menu, you are able to quickly see which accounts have outstanding credit and which account balances are paid.