Firstly, to ensure you are able to pair the devices please ensure that Dip Switch 1 is set to ON, shown below.


1. Connect the AirCash's power cable to an outlet and set the Power Switch to ON

2. Press and hold the PAIR button for at least 5 seconds, and then release it. The LED will begin to flash GREEN (Pairing will be possible for 60 seconds after the LED begins to flash GREEN)

3. To pair the device with your iPad go to the iPad settings page and navigate to ‘Bluetooth’ where you will see a list of available devices; including ’Star Micronics’ which you should tap to PAIR.

4. After pairing, wait until the LED stops flashing BLUE, or power the AirCash OFF and back ON again, to enable the connection. (With some devices, after pairing, the LED will automatically begin flashing blue, and the AirCash unit will be automatically connected.)

5. Confirm the connection by opening the iZettle Pro application and navigating to ‘Settings > Printers’ where your device will be listed.


If prompted for a PIN code upon pairing, please enter the information below:

PIN Code: 1234 (default)

Device name: Star Micronics (default)

Resetting the AirCash to 'Factory Settings'

The PIN code, device name, and other settings can be reset by following the procedure given below.

1. Unpair the AirCash from your iPad. To do this go to the iPad settings page and navigate to ‘Bluetooth’ then tap the blue 'i' next to 'Star Micronics' and select 'Forget This Device'

2. Make sure that the AirCash is turned OFF and the power cable is not connected *** IMPORTANT ***  

3. Set Dip Switch 1-3 to OFF then connect the power cable and power the unit ON.

4. When the RESET action begins the AirCash's POWER and ERROR lamps will flash.

5. When the RESET action is complete the POWER and ERROR lamps will stop flashing.

6. Next turn the AirCash OFF and unplug the power cable; Set Dip Switch 1-3 (DSW1-3) to ON.