1. Log into the router by navigating to the default IP address of '' in your web browser.

2. Click on 'LAN > VLAN'

3. Tick Enable, then for VLAN0, please tick P1, P2, P3 P4 and SSID1, and ensure LAN1 is selected in the 'Subnet' drop down, to the right.

4. Now tick SSID2 for VLAN1, and select LAN2 in the right hand 'Subnet' drop down list **IMPORTANT**

See image below for how this should look.

5. Now press 'OK' to save and restart the router.

6. Re-login to the router, and navigate to 'LAN > GENERAL SETUP', and press 'Details Page' for 'LAN 2'.

You should see the screen below.

7. Now tick 'Enable' under ‘Network Configuration’, and 'Enable Server' under 'DHCP Server Configuration' and then press 'OK' to reboot.

After the router has rebooted, head to 'WIRELESS LAN > GENERAL SETUP' and tick 'Enable' for 'SSID 2' and then give the SSID a name of your choice.

Finally, tick ‘Isolate Member’ **IMPORTANT**  and press 'OK' to save and reboot.