This FAQ will guide you through the unboxing and set up of your Star Micronics SP700 series Kitchen Printer.

If you are experiencing any issues with your printer, see our Printer Troubleshooting FAQ or contact our support team

Alternatively, you can view the user manual for this printer online by clicking here.

  • Unbox your printer and remove the packaging
  • Your printer's power supply is built into the unit, a plug for you printer will be included in the package.
  • Insert the starter roll of paper into the printer (Ensure paper is inserted correctly by following the diagram inside the cover)
  • Close the cover of the printer with a small amount of paper exposed
  • Connect the CAT5E cable (not supplied) into the network port at the rear of the printer
  • Connect the CAT5E cable's other end into one of the yellow ports on your router
  • Connect the power cable into the rear of the printer and then a 13A wall socket
  • Finally switch your printer on using the switch at the side of the printer
  • The printer status light should turn to a solid green after 30 seconds

If you go to 'Settings > Printers' on the iZettle Pro app then 'Search for Printers', 'SP700' should now appear, ready to be configured.