Setting up an AirCash Unit
  • Unbox the AirCash unit
  • Connect the cash drawer's RJ11 cable to the 'DK' port on the AirCash
  • Connect an Ethernet cable from the port on the AirCash to an available LAN port on the router
  • Connect the power supply to the AirCash unit.
  • In the iZettle Pro app go to 'Settings > Printers'
  • Tap 'Search for Printers'
  • In the dialogue window that appears select 'Is a cash drawer only (AIRCASH)'
  • Tap 'Save'
  • The AirCash will now be set up and ready for use, firing open the cash drawer when a sale is put through.

(If using an AirCash as well as a receipt printer it is necessary to set up the printer first, then set up the AirCash)

Restoring AirCash Settings

To restore your AirCash to factory default settings (IP Address, Admin login password and other settings) follow these steps:

  • Disconnect the power lead from the AirCash unit
  • Disconnect the ethernet cable from the AirCash unit
  • Switch DSW1-4 to 'OFF' using a pen or small pointed object (This will be the 4th switch from the right of the DSW1)

  • Connect the power to the unit
  • Once initialised the AirCash unit's Power and Error (P & E) lamps will flash
  • Disconnect the power
  • Reset the DSW1-4 switch to 'ON'

  • Reconnect the power and ethernet cables to the unit

Your AirCash unit will now be reset to the factory defaults which are detailed below:

Admin Username: root

Admin Password: public

IP Address:

Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway:

DHCP Client: Enable