When you first open the iZettle Pro app you will be presented with the following login screens


 After you have entered in you account details you will be presented with this screen:

Current sample databases:


Operation mode: allows you to select what mode of operation you would like to use, either 'Hospitality' or 'Retail'.

Sample hospitality products: depending on the mode of operation you decide to use will depend on what sample layouts you will be shown, as shown above.

Continue without any sample products: this will take you to a blank and clean layout for you to start using.  

Restore from backup: this will restore the terminal from a backup, or transferring your current layout to a new terminal if you are adding it to your account.

 You will now be prompted to log in again, using the keypad.
 The default pass is '1234'

You are now ready to begin using iZettle Pro!

If you have previously created a backup or we have uploaded products for you, you will be presented with the option to download a backup. This will download information such as products, layouts, categories that have been created on another terminal onto this terminal.