Layouts enable users to create custom screen views on the main sales screen and arrange them to suit, rather than being constricted by categories.

To create a 'Layout' first go to 'Settings > Button Layouts'.


Create New Layout

This allows you to create a layout manually, e.g. For 'fast bars' and menus, mixing products from different categories.

Layout Name

Choose a name for the layout, this is the name of the button that will appear on the main sales screen.

Button Colour

This will set the colour of the button on the main sales screen.

Edit Panel Layout (shown below)

Choose this to move buttons around, add or delete products, portion controls, spacers.

  • Tap and hold to move a button
  • Tap to delete a button
  • Spacers are invisible on the main sales screen, use these to add a space between rows or buttons

Layout Visible

Ensure this is set to 'ON', if you wish to hide a layout turn this to 'OFF'.

    Manage the Order of Layout Buttons

    Select this option if you wish to change the order of the main layout buttons, found at the bottom of the sales screen. Press 'Save' to finish editing the layout of the buttons.