*This module requires an active internet connection.

This FAQ will address the 'Loyalty' feature of the iZettle Pro software.

This can be found under 'Settings > Loyalty'.

Tap 'Enable loyalty mode' to enable the 'Loyalty' feature.

Allocate 'Points Per £' Sale – enable this option to allocate loyalty points for every £ spent.

Allow customers to spend points to redeem £s – enable this option to allow for any accrued points to be used as cash discount against an order.

Once you have activated your loyalty module and configured the settings, the 'Loyalty' button will appear under the 'Functions' 'Option' screen:

To register or look up a customer, tap the 'Loyalty' button to display the following window:

To register a new customer:

  • Tap ‘Create customer'
  • This will bring up the 'Customer info' window (below) where you can enter the customer's details.
  • Tap ‘Confirm’
  • Using the iPad’s camera, you can then scan a new loyalty card to assign it to the customer; Tap ‘Enter card manually’ to input the information yourself; Tap ‘Skip’ to create the customer and print a temporary loyalty number for them.

Alternatively, you are able to register a customer by tapping 'Register a new customer' without scanning a loyalty card. The system will automatically allocate the next available 'Customer number'.

The customer data for the loyalty module is accessible through the 'Backoffice Dashboard'. You can export this data into CSV format, which can then be used for email marketing purposes, etc. (provided that customers who sign up have opted in to receiving communications.)

To redeem points / products, simply ring items up as you normally would in the system, and when on the ‘Pay’ screen, select ‘Loyalty’, where you will be given the relevant options for the customers' amount of points.