Firstly, log in to your account using your PIN, as shown below

To use 'Payment to account' you will need to enable this function in the 'Settings' menu.

Once you are logged in, the main sales screen will be displayed, as shown below. Navigate to 'Settings' by selecting the 'Cog' icon at the top left of the screen.

The 'Settings' screen will be displayed, as shown below.

Select 'Configuration' from the 'Settings' menu on the left of the screen.

Scroll down the configration page until you can see the 'Payments' section and find 'Allow payment to account'. Swipe the button beside it to make sure it is set to 'ON', as shown below.

With 'Allow payment to account' enabled, you can now process a sale as normal.

To get back to the main sales screen, press the 'Back' arrow on the top left of the screen and you will be shoown the screen below.

Now you are able to add products to an order. By selecting each product you will see them get added on the left of the sales screen, as shown below.

When your order is complete and the customer is ready to pay, select the green 'Pay' button in the bottom left corner of the sales screen. The 'Pay' screen, shown below will be displayed.

In the 'Pay' screen, you will see that the 'To account' button has been added to the options. Select this button and a list of accounts will be displayed, as shown below.

Here you can 'Create a new account' using the button at the top of the screen, or add to an existing account.

If you create a new account, the screen below will be shown where you should input the name of the new account. Press 'Create' to finish. Once the new account is confirmed, an account number will be created and the items in the order will be added to the account.

A reciept will now print out with the transaction details and the account number.
You will be taken back to the main sales screen as shown below. To close or view an account, press the 'Functions' button at the top left of the screen.

Once the 'Functions' menu opens, select the 'Accounts' button, as shown below.

This will display a list of all accounts (including the account you just created). Select the account you want to view or close. Products that have been added to an account cannot be edited or removed.

However, you may add a promotion to the account via 'Function' > 'Add promotion'

Selecting an account will take you back to the sales screen shown below.

To apply a promotion to individual products on the account, simply select them before accessing the function screen, as shown below.

Press the 'Functions' button at the top left of the screen. Select the 'Add promotion' button from the 'Functions' menu.
Select the appropriate promotion to be applied to the account, as shown below. (For this example, the 'Staff 50%' promotion was added)

The promotion will now only be applied to the selected items, as shown below.

Promotions cannot be stored within the account and should only be applied when closing the transaction.

When you are ready to close the account, select the green 'Pay' button at the bottom left of the screen.

Once the transaction is complete, the account will be closed.