Creating/Editing a Portion

To set up a portion first go to 'Settings > Portions'.

A portion can increase or decrease a product's standard price.

To modify an existing portion, select it, OR to create a new portion select 'Create New Portion'.

Enter a name for the portion, e.g. Double, Half, Triple, etc.

Once completed, tap 'Save'.

Applying a portion to a product

To apply a portion to a product, go to 'Settings > Products' and select the product you wish to apply 'Portions' to.

You also need to place the 'Portion' buttons into the layouts of the products that use them.

First, select 'Product Portions' from the 'Product Settings' screen (below).

Select from the list of available portions (below), then click 'Next'.

Enter the value for the portions on this screen (below).

Once completed click 'Save'.

To do this:

Go to 'Settings > Button Layouts'.

Select the layout you wish to add the 'Portion' button(s) to.

Then tap 'Edit Panel Layout'.

Select 'Add Portion Control' and select the 'Portion(s)' you want to display a button for.

Once placed tap 'Save'.

The portion buttons will now appear on the sales screen.

To use the portion, you simply select the portion button and select the product which has been setup to use it.

Products which have been setup to use portions will begin to glow when the portion button is selected.

Products that do not have portion's set up will be greyed out and will not be selectable.