To setup and connect your iZettle Pro software with printers on your network go to 'Settings > Printers'

If you are experiencing issues with your printer please see our 'Printer Troubleshooting' page

Select 'Search For Printers' to find printers connected to your network

Select a printer to bring up the printer's settings window (shown below)

Note - each iPad on the network must be setup this way to interface with the printer(s)


Tip - if you are using more than one of the same printer, use the test printer function to identify the correct device.

Printer Name If you name the printer it will make it easier for you to find the printer when selecting the area the printer is located, Kitchen or Bar
Model, Ip & MAC address     These should be already set for you when the printer has be located
Standard Receipts Turn this switch 'ON' if you would like the printer to print customer standard receipts
Kitchen Receipts Turn this switch 'ON' if you would like the printer to print food checks off in the kitchen or other remote location
Station 1 - 2 Receipts Turn this switch 'ON' if you would like to use this printer to print checks off at a remote location such as a bar
Cash Drawer Turn this to 'ON' if you are using an AirCash unit in place of a receipt printer, to open the cash drawer when a sale is cashed off

Always preform a Test print after the Printer has been setup and configured to ensure it is working correctly.

Important note

The Diagnostics tab shows you information that we may need when you call in to report a problem with the printer

The 'Configuration' tab will show information on current receipts being printing, pending or unsuccessful receipts.