This guide will help to troubleshoot your printer, should you experience any problems.

The first step is to ensure that your printer is online and has obtained an IP address from your wireless router.

The printer should display a solid green light if it is correctly configured.

If the printer is displaying other status lights please see the table below to diagnose the cause of the problem.

Often the printer may just be running low on paper.

Thermal Printer Status Lights

On On Cover open Close cover
On 4 sec flash Near end of paper Replace printer paper
On 0.5 sec flash Out of paper Replace printer paper
4 sec flash 4 sec flash Ethernet cable disconnected Check cables
0.25 sec flash 0.25 sec flash IP address issue See step 4 (below)



Kitchen Printer Status Lights

On 1 sec flash End of paper Replace printer paper
On On Cover open Close cover
0.5 sec flash On  Front cover open Close cover
On 2 sec flash Near end of paper Replace printer paper
1 sec flash Off Print head overheat Allow printer head to cool, this is normal


If the information in the above table has not resulted in a solid green status light, please follow the below re-set instructions.

If it has achieved a solid green status light but you are still experiencing problems, please go to printer discovery and configuration.

Printer re-set

Allow 30 seconds between steps to ascertain if the error has been resolved before proceeding to the next step.

Re-start the printer by turning the power off and on again.
Clear the memory by restarting the printer whilst holding the feed button, then release after 2 seconds. The printer will then print two diagnostic slips.
Check that the printer's network cable is connected and that the other end of the network cable is plugged into the network switch or router.
Perform a reset on the network card by pressing the recessed 'Reset' button, located to the rear, with a biro tip for one second. Press this button again after one second, the printer will then re-start. (Static IP addresses will be lost)
Reboot the router that the printer is connected to by turning it off for 10 seconds and then back on again then begin to follow the steps from step one.
If the above steps fail to achieve a solid green status light with no error lights, please contact Support with details of the problem.
Printer discovery and configuration

If a solid green light has been achieved using the above steps but you are still having trouble when attempting to print, please follow these additional steps:

Log in to the iZettle Pro app with a manager user key.
Select settings, then printers and press 'search for printers'.
The printers should appear in the area below after 20 seconds, if not please try pressing 'search' again.
Configure your printer(s) and 'save'.
Attempt to perform a no sale to check that this has worked.
If your printer has a solid green status light and you are unable to find it when using 'search for printers', ensure that the iPad has not become disconnected from your wireless network. If it has become disconnected or the iPad has been connected to a different wireless network then it will fail to find the printer. All nearby wireless networks apart from the one that you are trying to use should be 'forgotten' in the iPad general settings so that the iPad does not attempt to connect.

If the above steps fail to resolve your problem, please contact Support with details.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some routers including BT hubs and Technicolor routers display a network warning page if your DSL internet connection is lost. In the event of an internet outage your printers should remain unaffected however this page prevents the correct operation of the printers by blocking thier activity. In some cases it is possible to disable this dialogue, you should speak to the router manufacturer or ISP for help on this. In other cases it is not possible to deactivate these pages – we recommend replacing your router with an ADSL modem + router or if you already have a standalone modem on site (e.g. open-reach modem in case of BT infinity) replacing it with a basic cable router. These routers will continue to operate in the case of an internet outage without blocking local traffic.

TIP: Wireless routers often periodically renew the IP address of the devices connected to them, to avoid this you should fix the printer's IP address in the admin panel of your router. It is recommended that iZettle Pro is used on a separate network from public wifi.