This section can be found by going to 'Settings > Promotions'.
This area allows the user to set up promotions by value or percentage.

To begin, select 'Create New Promotion'. To edit an existing promotion, select it from the list

Display Name

This is the name of the promotion as it will appear on the sales screen.


Here you can insert a monetary value or a percentage value for your promotion.

Note – promotions can be applied to individual products or as a blanket discount. To apply a promotion to an individual product, select the item by pressing it on the order screen (this will insert a green tick next to it) then add the promotion by selecting 'Functions > Add Promotion'.

Button Colour

Choose which colour you wish the button to be displayed as.

Value or Percentage

Choose how you want the promotion to be added to the order. Select 'Value' if for example the promotion is '£5.00 off'. Alternatively, select 'Percentage' if the promotion is something like '25% off'


Use this switch to activate or deactivate the promotion.

Loyalty Points Required for Redemption

The number of Loyalty Points, if any, a customer requires in order to qualify for the promotion.

Promotion Type

Select the type of promotion you want to create: 'Value' is a monetary value which deducts a set amount (£) from the item(s). 'Percentage' deducts a percentage of the cost of the item(s).