This section can be found by going to 'Settings > Promotions'. This area allows the user to set up promotions by value or percentage.

To add a new promotion, select 'Create new promotion'. To edit an existing promotion, select it from the list.

Once you open the promotion you will be presented with the screen shown below:

Display Name: This is the name of the promotion as it will appear on the sales screen.

Customer name: This is optional and should be used if you would like the promotion to appear differently on customer receipts.

Kitchen Name: This is optional and should be used if you would like the promotion to appear on kitchen receipts.

Value: Here you can insert a monetary value or a percentage value for your promotion.

Button Colour: Choose the button colour for the promotion here.

Value/Percentage: Set whether this promotion will deduct a fixed amount or a percentage when applied.

Assign to Category: If this promotion is restricted to a specific category or categories switch this on and choose the relevant categories

Assign to Loyalty: if this promotion is to be enabled only to loyalty customers select this and choose the number of points required for redemption

Active: Use this switch to activate or deactivate the promotion.

Applying a promotion

Promotions can be applied to individual products or as a blanket discount.

To apply a promotion to an individual product, on the sales screen select the item by pressing it on the order screen (this will insert a green tick next to it) then add the promotion by selecting 'Functions > Add Promotion'.

To apply it across all products in the order, just select 'Functions > Add Promotion'