Once you have made your initial settings you will be taken to the login screen, use the default code '1234' to log in.


The Settings menu allows you to configure the app, access support and FAQ's and contact the iZettle Pro Support Team

  • Once you have logged in to the system you will be taken to the main sales screen
  • Note the functions:
    • Tap a product to add it to an order
    • Swipe a product to the left, and press delete to remove it from an order
    • Scroll up and down the order on the left to view all the products in an order

Press the 'Cog' icon at the top left of the main sales screen to navigate to the 'Settings' area to begin setting up your system.

Note: if operating in 'Retail' mode, some of these options will be hidden

The system is designed to be programmed by following the menu from top to bottom

Work through each tab beginning with 'Categories'