The 'Tables' area allows users to create multiple areas and sub divide a premises.

In this area users can:

Create a new table area
Add or delete tables
Organise each layout by dragging and dropping

To create a new area select 'Create New Table Area', you will then be presented with the 'Table Area' screen below

Table Area Name - this will appear in the tables area to describe the table zone.

Delete table area - This can be used to delete table areas if you change the layout of your premises.

Active - ensure this is switched 'ON' and then press 'Save' to finish.

By tapping on 'Edit tables'. you will be presented with the screen below where you can choose the table size and shape and drag and drop the tables to correspond with the layout of your premises.

This area allows the following functions:

Add a table and assigning a 'Table Number'
Delete a table by selecting a table tapping 'Delete'
Change the sizeof an existing table
Once complete press 'Save'

Adding a message to an order / Sending a message to the kitchen:

Once an item has been added to an order, simply select 'Message' on the bottom right of the menu on the left, and enter this information before tapping 'Send'.

This will add the message to the last item that was entered on the order, see the picture below.

You can also set up 'Predefined Messages' by going to 'Settings' > 'Config' > 'Set up Predefined Messages' (shown below).

This allows you to enter your most frequent messages and you can then just tap them from a list when applying them to an order.

The 'Display mains away' and 'Kitchen Msg' buttons, pictured above, can be used to print a message directly to the kitchen, prior to the order being sent through.
This can be used to notify the chef of a food allergy at the table, or similar.

Simply tap 'Kitchen Msg' and enter your text and, upon tapping 'Send', the message will print to the kitchen, along with the table number, etc.