When an update becomes available on the terminal, a message is displayed on the log in screen on the app.  “Update Available”.

Please ensure you have your iCloud password and username handy as you may be asked this before authorising an app update.

It is highly important that all terminals are updated to the same version, when performing an update; all terminals must be updated at the same time.

Failure to update all terminals will cause issues with syncing across terminals AND may cause report inaccuracy.


Before updating:

  • Ensure you have both the iCloud username and password.
  • Please do not update during service.
  • Print off all Z-Reports before updating.
  • Ensure you have no Saved Orders or Open Tables before updating.
  • Ensure all sales have synced from the terminal before updating.


To update the app version to the most recent release


  1. Press the iPad Home button.
  2. Go to the App Store
  3. The bottom navigation bar on the App Store has a tab “Updates”, tap this.
  4. Press this update button.


The update will begin downloading and installing, please allow the update to complete.  This may take several minutes to complete.