'Variants' is available when the app is set to 'Retail Mode'

The 'Variants' option is useful for products such as T-shirts, which can be added as a single product and have variants applied to it.
This means that when the product 'T-Shirt' is entered onto the sales screen, options relating to size and colour will be available to choose from.
This avoids users having to set up individual products for every colour and size of T-shirt.
The iZettle Pro app allows for 2 levels of 'Variant' to be applied to a product, a 'Main' and a 'Sub-Level' variant.

To create a variant group go to 'Settings > Variants' and select 'Create New Variant Group'

You can give the 'Variant Group' a name and add as many variants to the group as you wish by tapping 'Add a variant'.

Once you have added all the variants you need, tap on Save/Update.

To apply 'Variants' to a product, select the product by going to 'Settings > Products' and tapping the product.

On the 'Product Settings' screen, scroll down and select 'Product Variants'

The following window will appear:

Select the main 'Variant Group' to be applied to the product and hit 'Save'.


If you wish to apply a 'Sub Variant' to the product, go back to the 'Products' screen and select 'Variant Setup' which will display the screen below and giving you the option to 'Add Sub Variant for This Group'.

If you do not wish to apply a 'Sub Variant' simply tap 'Product Variants' on the top left of the dialogue box to go back.

If 'Subvariant setup' is selected, the next screen will list the available 'Variant Groups' to choose from.

Select the 'Subvariant' group and tap 'Save' on the top left of the dialogue box.

if you select 'Variant SKU setup' from the 'Settings' menu under 'Product', it shows a summary of all the options that will become available for the end product.

You are also able to enter any SKU or Barcode information relating to the product(s).

When complete, tap 'Save' and apply the changes to the product by tapping 'Update' on the 'Product Settings'.

If, for example, you initially selected 'Sizes' and applied a 'Sub Variant' of 'Colours', when the product is entered into the sales screen the first window that appears will be to select a 'Size', followed by a selection of 'Colour'

Now, exit to the main sales screen.

If you press the button for the product which has had 'Variants' applied to it you will be met with these options:

First, you can select the 'Colour', shown below

Next, you can select the 'Size':

The product will now appear on the sales screen as shown below: