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Why Cognitive Commerce is Key for Your Business
February 15, 2017 Tips Comments
Breaking up the terms, the adjective “cognitive” relates to cognition –the process of acquiring knowledge. When you apply this to the world of...
How to make the most out of Valentine’s Day in your Shop or Restaurant
February 10, 2017 Hospitality Comments
As the most romantic day of the year approaches, the world is awash with hearts and flowers. In business, promotions tied to annual holidays or...
On the Way to a Cashless Society
February 9, 2017 Tips Comments
The idea of a cashless society isn’t a utopia anymore, or a fantasy for Star Trek fans who dream of a completely different planet. In Sweden, not...
The 6 Common Customer Types in Retail
February 7, 2017 Retail Comments
Working in the wonderful world of retail can certainly have its quirks. From difficult customers to sales day mayhem it’s a unique way to experience...
Consumer Loyalty Gift Cards – The Future of Consumer Banking
January 24, 2017 Tips Comments
The future is now. The first businesses to catch on to profitable trends and focus on their relationship with their customers will benefit for years...
Planning to Open a Menswear Shop? The Advice of the Retailer
January 19, 2017 Retail Comments
No ties and no suits. Only coats, jumpers, jeans, shirts and a thoughtfully chosen array of accessories. Classic, beautiful materials, very well-made...
intelligentpos Sales Team: A Different Way of Selling
January 13, 2017 Tips Comments
Everybody who works in a Sales department knows how challenging this role is. I’ve had a very varied sales career and, as anyone else in this job, I...
Why The Payment Process is so Important for Mobile Businesses
January 10, 2017 Mobile Comments
Like a good taxi, everyday payments should be two things – nope, not fast & furious, but speedy and safe. Speedy With contactless and “one-click...
Christmas Troubleshooting for Hospitality Venues
December 7, 2016 Hospitality Comments
So, you've put up the Christmas decorations, set the festive menus and started taking bookings for the busiest month of the year. But what else do...

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